A new found love  

   //GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF MARGIN // Okay so when I was little I liked reading (kind of) – I read books about the titanic, Junie B. Jones (a detective), and Anne Frank. Haha quite the mix right. BUT all through my teens I didn’t like reading at all, I just couldn’t get into it […]

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Not Arrived 

“He finds us where we are…but isn’t content to keep us there.”  Arrived: “reach a place at the end of a journey or a stage in a journey.” If you think about it…in life “arriving” is a success. “You’ve now arrived at your destination” comes on after a flight, ride, bus, or whatever it may […]

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The penny 

                   “Think of it as an adventure. ”            My beautiful big sis is getting married – she’s going to make the most stunning bride!   The most beautiful ring – “it’s so jam” – unique, a bit edgy, and elegant all at […]

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Passions + Marketing 

Heyyoooooo!!  I’m coming up on my first year of my Marketing diploma being done – So crazy how fast time flies! As I’m midway through second semester, I’m already starting to reflect and these are some of the things I’ve been thinking about!                          […]

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