the cross

okay so it’s easter weekend right now – there is something so special about easter weekend that puts everything back into perspective. It’s in the spring and spring always reminds me of fresh, new life. The buds are blooming, the grass is turning green, and the sun shines brighter. Living in Canada, we get pretty cold and long winters so as soon as spring finally rolls around, everyone is 100X happier. Similar to the whole easter story – the reason for my faith. Jesus. He brings us fresh new life. He brings spring after long winters. He gives us hope and a future. He gives us peace, comfort, and protects. He offers salvation to those who choose – he doesn’t force. Because he loves us, he gives his children free will to choose whether they want to follow him or not. He knows whats best for us and he can only hope that his children will choose to follow him because he has an abundant life to offer them.


The cross. The reason for our faith. The cornerstone. The crux. The very thing that changed history // (HIS) story //forever.

Having grown up in a christian home, easter was always something we celebrated and I knew about Jesus and what he did for us. But as a child I couldn’t fully comprehend – and still i’ll never be able to fully comprehend what he went through. but as I get older and my faith grows deeper, the more I feel and emotional I get towards what Jesus did for me, for you, for us. I think because I have my own faith now and have experienced Jesus and have a personal relationship with him. He has changed my life completely, he is my past, present, future. He’s behind me and goes before me. You too.


The one who wore our sin and shame
Now robed in majesty
The radiance of perfect love
Now shines for all to see

Your name
Is victory
All praise
Will rise
To Christ our king

By Your spirit I will rise
From the ashes of defeat
The resurrected king
Is resurrecting me
In Your name I come alive
To declare your victory
The resurrected king
Is resurrecting me”

Resurrecting – Elevation Worship

We often hear the phrase, “the crux of the matter” or “the crux of a situation.” The word “crux” comes from Medieval Latin, and simply means cross. Why has the word “crux” come to be associated with a critical juncture or point in time? Because the Cross of Christ is truly the crux of history. Without the Cross, history itself cannot be defined or corrected.

There is another word we often hear when we are in the throes of indescribable pain, the word, “excruciating.” That, too, derives from the Latin and means “out of the cross.” Across time and human experience, the historical event of the Cross intersects time and space and speaks to the deepest hurts of the human heart.” – Ravi Zacharias

The cross is in so many details in this life. It really is the main point of it all.

Thank you Jesus. Overwhelmed by what you’ve done for us.




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