Lighthouse park // west Vancouver 

Song: this is our story – mako 

I love love love adventures because you get to spend time with cool people, have good conversations, be in nature, get fresh air, usually excercise a bit, use your camera, and make fun little videos – there’s nothing better! 

I used to use my parents old canon but recently I just bought my own and I’m super excited because there is video on it so I can make more videos haha. But I’m trying to challenge myself to use my camera more instead of reaching to grab my iPhone which is so much easier. Dslr skills is a lost art as it’s easier to just snap a photo on our iPhones. But so much more worth it with a dslr!! And anyone can learn how to take cool photos on a camera, you don’t need to be a special kind of person. Yes some people are natural at it but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn! 

Coffee is essential to adventure days 😋 who am I kidding…every day haha cafe crema in west Vancouver was delish!! I got an almond milk americano misto w/ hazelnut 😍 also cool because they serve Phil and Sebastian…a coffee company that started in Calgary! Support local right? Ha 


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