Lead by love // year 1 

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One year ago we had a vision. One of my best friends and myself were just having a conversation and this idea sparked and we’ve never looked back since! Every single day we want to live for a purpose and everything we do we want to be purposeful! 

                      Jordan // Delaine 

Instagram: @lead.by.love
The whole goal of lead by love is to be a light in a place that can be dark – social media. And mainly to share the truth, grace, and love of Jesus. While social media has huge benefits and I’m an advocate of it for the most part, there are always downsides to everything. (A lot of comparison, cyber bullying, etc. going on) Instead of turning away from media I think it’s important to be a light in it because it’s not going away. Balance is key, be present in your relationships and situations instead of resorting to media. Use media but have real conversations and real moments apart from it.
We all compare our lives and we only portray the highlights because let’s be real who’s going to post of photo of their mental breakdowns, unmade bed, and messy lives!? I for sure am not posting a photo of my mental breakdown today of my business law assignment haha no thanks. By the way I could never be a lawyer haha. 
It’s been a cool year of learning and growing and trusting. We pray a lot for lead by love that God would be using it in the way that he would have it – all for his glory! The hopes are that the message could speak to people in a way they need and that perhaps people will come upon this page and their eyes would be opened to a hopeful life. 

So excited for the big plans for lead by love coming in 2017!! 


Our thoughts after lead by love being around for 1 year:

JORDAN // Can’t believe it’s been a year since lead by love started! And I can’t believe the cool things that have already happened in and through it! 

Me and one of my best friends were driving from work one day and I just thought of this idea and told her and we were both like yep this is happening and here we are!

The passion started in me to share the truth about Jesus because of the way he has transformed my life completely – and he continues to transform me every single day. I want others to learn more about God and that they are loved no matter who they are and where they come from and that God makes all things new. I want others to go through life knowing there is hope and just because God makes life so amazing!! It’s not just about the destination but also our everyday journeys- he truly makes it an adventure!! 

I think that social media can be a dangerous place sometimes. A place where a lot of comparison happens, or cyber bullying, or whatever that may be. Instead of turning away from the media I think it’s important to dive in and be a light. 

Thanks for the support guys and I know God had big things in store for lead by love this year!! 

Love you all! 


DELAINE // Lead by love started as a vision of wanting to spread Gods word. We thought of the hashtags #dontholdback because we wanted to take every opportunity we had to share about Gods love with no fear of holding back. Our second hashtag was #nationtonation, we had a vision of reaching the nations with Gods word. We weren’t quite sure of how we were going to do that but we knew we had to start somewhere. That is when Lead by Love was created. We had no idea that not even 1 year later Jordy would be in a different province and I would be in a different country!! How cool is that!

This last year has been so amazing, God has been transforming my heart in ways I could never imagine, I have a new energy for living. I know God is reaching out and creating new life in my own heart and I want to discover and participate with him as he works throughout our world. 

The support and feed back we have gotten from Lead by Love has been unreal! 

Thank you guys so much, and I can’t wait for what 2017 has in store for us. 

If you want to pray for us that would be incredible prayers for Lead by Love + what Gods plan is over both of our lives and which direction this ministry is going to take us in the next. Love ya guys!! 


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