A new found love  

   //GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF MARGIN // Okay so when I was little I liked reading (kind of) – I read books about the titanic, Junie B. Jones (a detective), and Anne Frank. Haha quite the mix right.

BUT all through my teens I didn’t like reading at all, I just couldn’t get into it because I liked to visually see something…like a movie haha. Reading words on a page just didn’t get me excited at all. 

Not until about 3 years ago did I start liking it again. I forced myself to read a book because I had a desire to learn and grow in knowledge. I don’t know..I feel like it’s something that happens as you get older. A lot of the things I used to enjoy I don’t anymore. 

1: find a cozy place to relax. 

2: wind down and make some coffee or tea.

3: read away.

I encourage anyone whoever you are to go choose a book that sparks your interest and try and finish it – it’s sooo rewarding finishing a book and adding it to the library!  

Here are a few books out of my collection!

If you are new to reading I 100% reccomend “love does” by Bob Goff as the first book you read. Each chapter is a new story so it keeps you wanting to read more and you can take it slow too! 

My all time favs so far: 

– LOVE DOES – Bob Goff

– Forgotten God // + Crazy Love – Francis Chan

– Rooted – Banning  Liebcher

– Calm my Anxious Heart – Linda dillow

– The Shack – Young 

I challenge and encourage you – go buy a book!! 



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