Not Arrived 

“He finds us where we are…but isn’t content to keep us there.” 

Arrived: “reach a place at the end of a journey or a stage in a journey.”
If you think about it…in life “arriving” is a success. “You’ve now arrived at your destination” comes on after a flight, ride, bus, or whatever it may be. Arrival is a good thing when it comes to our daily life things. Like safely arriving home after a long day. Arriving to your vacation destination. Arriving at events. Arriving in where you want to be in life such as a job position or a house you’ve always wanted etc. 
while arriving in life is a good thing I never want to arrive in my journey of faith. I never want to think that I can get to a place where I know everything because that’s not possible. I never want to grow complacent where I don’t keep trying and moving and changing. God has soooo much in store and I’m constantly learning new things about who he is. He is amazing and so so faithful even when we can’t see it. 
How amazing is it that he loves us so much that he isn’t willing to keep us stagnant. He wants us to lean in and keep moving forward into the things he has for us! 



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