The penny 

                   “Think of it as an adventure. ”           
My beautiful big sis is getting married – she’s going to make the most stunning bride!  

The most beautiful ring – “it’s so jam” – unique, a bit edgy, and elegant all at the same time. 

The bridal boutique YYC

Mama + her first baby girl

Jam gave us the cutest little boxes at the boutique to open up. She put together the most personalized bridesmaid gift which just represent who she is! She’s collected pennies for a long, long time and she loves them. So she got these bracelets made for each of us and went through her penny collection to find ones that have our birth years on them. I love it so so much! 

I feel so honored to stand up and support my sister in this next chapter of her life! 

We were emotional – YES of course we will be your bridesmaids!! – Paula, me, Ness. 

So happy Ness got to FaceTime with us (even at 3 am in Australia) to be apart of the day for a bit and say yes to standing next to jam on her big day!  

The best day with these beauties! 

                         T H E • P E N N Y

Not only does the penny respresent jam just because she loves them. She’s always finding the spark in life no matter what. She’s always finding joy in the seemingly small things like how she loves the penny that has no purpose anymore – she finds purpose. She finds joy in the ordinary that others let pass them by. She is passionate, a leader, inspirer, influencer, and encourager. She’s does all this in complete humbleness. 

So blessed to have her as my big sister and excited for her new adventure! 



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