the [real] pursuit of happiness


The pursuit of happiness seems to be the true north in our post-modern society. “If this doesn’t satisfy me then on to the next thing I go” seems to be the thought whether a person realizes it or not. We are constantly in search of the next best, newest thing, and most the times looking to the future instead of being present. The things and stuff we invest in only brings temporary happiness and while it’s good while it lasts – it doesn’t last long before we become unsatisfied. It seems as if we make decisions based off of “will this make us happy?” instead of filtering decisions through right and wrong/good and bad. The pursuit of happiness is a good concept until I think about it deeper to realize that it is a selfish way of living without God at the center. Without God it becomes all about me. With God it becomes about him. If God is love and love is the source and core of our happiness, then the pursuit of happiness is the best thing – The pursuit of God. When God is the center of it all – happiness will be a preset. Not even happiness but J O Y. It’s a problem when were chasing after temporary fleeting things that bring us happiness for a minute but leaves before it gets a chance to stay.

“Don’t settle for a cheap imitation when you can have the real thing.” – Judah Smith 

While our happiness comes and goes based off of our idea of what it should be – rest in the fact that our true source of happiness – ” Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8 

We can continue to invest our happiness in temporary things when in reality, those things will always fail us in the end. But there is one true north who never will fail you.

 Invest in relationships. Invest in your time. Invest in your purpose. Invest in your passion. Most importantly invest HIM. 





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