Passions + Marketing 


I’m coming up on my first year of my Marketing diploma being done – So crazy how fast time flies! As I’m midway through second semester, I’m already starting to reflect and these are some of the things I’ve been thinking about! 

A) It’s important. (But we already knew that 😉 haha) 

B) It shows discipline and perserverence. 

C) I truly believe that knowledge and a desire to learn is a powerful thing. 


Ok so I love being creative and making everything in my life beautiful. I love people and learning about them and what makes their heart beat. My mind is always invisioning, dreaming, and innovating new ideas and visions – I can’t help it – it goes on forever and sometimes I don’t know what to do with all my dreams haha. 

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and want what I do in my life to have meaning and purpose.

I think Marketing allows you to reach certain demographics that you have a passion for. I think Marketing is so important in bringing people and community together and can be used in a way to express the products and people that you believe in. While business and the logistics are super important…for me, I get more excited thinking about the meaning behind the business and the people you get to reach!  


Community is a huge thing on my heart always. I’m always advocating it. No matter who you are or where you’re from, I think it’s sooo so important to be surrounded by people alike. Specifically people that lift you up, encourage, inspire, and most importantly challenge you. Having a community of likeminded thinking helps a person immensely in many ways! 

I’m speaking on behalf of experience – there’s nothing better than having a solid group of people in your life! 


Passions are also a crucial thing for people. I say chase after them with realistic goals! Failure and set backs are only the arrow being pulled backwards before it gets shot forward – keep on going! Like I said earlier, I have too many things I love that I don’t know what to do with haha. 

What I’m learning lately is instead of taking on a million things and wanting to do a million things I’m trying to narrow it down to a few things that incorporate a lot of my passions and do those few things really well. 

My pastor challenged me in one of his sermons, he said:

“We have too many choices, we tend to do a thousand things in our life poorly instead of doing a few things really well.” – Mark Clark 

That really hit home and inspires me to do a few things in excellence. 


I know for a fact that God has a calling and purpose for my life and he does for you too! I’ve seen his faithfulness in my life and see it often. Seek him and find him and he’ll guide you through this crazy, amazing life. You won’t believe the opportunities he gives you and the amazing things he has in store! You were not created by mere chance. You have a purpose. Go chase God and he’ll work through your passions! 

Xx – J 


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