2016 in photos

At the beginning- left my career, didn’t know exactly what was next!

Took a spontaneous trip to the coast to visit friends. Booked a flight, left a few days later!

Went to Seattle, Washington. Went to the  original Starbucks (which isn’t thaaat cool haha) but go to the roastery which is super cool!! Ps: I’ve had more coffee this year than I can count and I don’t mind it one bit 🙈☕️

Travelled to El Salvador on a missions trip to build a home, minister in the streets, help out in a school and hospital and go into the local community!

Started an online blog with one of my best friends to reach out to young women and men on Social media. To bring the truth of Jesus and light to a place that can be dark for many. There’s only so much you can do to fight the times. We know that people aren’t going to stop using the media so why not go into that place and be a light where we can – All for his glory. Check it out on Instagram! @lead.by.love

Attended 6 weddings!

Awaited the arrival of the first baby in the fam (my brother and his wife’s!)

Travelled to the mountains MANY times and had a picnic in a canoe on a crystal blue lake. // Emerald Lake, British Columbia

I was a youth leader at Westside Kings Church in Calgary, ab for 2 years where I got to hang out, learn, and grow with 8 of the best girls ever. Such an impact they’ve had and continue to in my life!

Welcomed sweet baby Adelynn Mae Olson  May 17th! Aunty life is the best life!

Travelled to my 2nd home – Scottsdale, Arizona with the fam!

Went on 14 planes!

Read 8 books! (I’ve challenged myself to appreciate reading again after not liking I for most of my life)

Drove to Invermere, BC – slept in the back of my jeep!

Applied for school in march, got accepted in may, moved away to bc in August!

Overall 2016 has been really good year! I truly believe that perspective is everything. Of course our years are filled with amazing moments and maybe just as many hard moments. I’ve learned to be thankful for trials and tribulations because that’s when I’ve had to endure and perservere through and that’s where I’ve grown the most. Without the hard times we wouldn’t appreciate the good times. Thanks 2016 for the memories – bring it on 2017!! I’m ready for ya!! 

Xx – j 


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